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Olivia D'Andrea

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About me

I'm a horse and veggie loving person, but believe it or not, I practically LIVE for skiing.


I write and
write and write
and write. I
have dozens of
filled with
stories that
are awesome,
and just plain
stupid. I am
working on a
story right now
that I plan to
send to a
publisher. :)


I like all
kinds of music
except for
super heavy
metal. You have
to be really
special to know
my favorite

Movies and TV:

I love going to
see movies. The
most recent
film I saw was
The Walking
Dead. My
favorite show
is C.S.I.


I play
softball, and
flag football,
and I ski and
horseback ride.
I'm learning to
throw javelins,
and sprint. I'm
taking archery
lessons, and
bowhunting, but
I haven't gone
on any hunting
trips yet.


I love
paintings and
murals, and
pretty much all
art. I would go
to an art
museum any day.
My favorite
type(s) of art
are frescos,
pop art, and
abstract stuff
that means
nothing to
other people.


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